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System Freight (LTL)

DB SCHENKERsystem premium

Rely on Europe’s most extensive land transportation Network.

DB Schenker’s extensive land transport network operates from 700 branches, across 38 European countries, making us the number one choice for your system freight shipping/LTL needs.



You can choose between two easy-to-use products that are standardized across Europe:
DB SCHENKERsystem and DB SCHENKERsystem premium.

DB SCHENKERsystem is the best solution if you want to move your freight fast and with high reliability throughout Europe. If speed is crucial, DB SCHENKERsystem premium is the solution for European companies: You will be able to use the fastest road network and take advantage of industry leading reliability - with performance guarantee!

Enlarge imageDB SCHENKERsystem premium, DB Schenker

*The Guarantee shall be limited to a Money-Back-Promise: If the shipment is not delivered within the agreed lead time, the Company shall therefore reimburse the net fee without surcharges paid by the customer to us for the specific shipment. This shall not apply if the sender or recipient is responsible for the late delivery and in case of force majeure. It is the responsibility of our client to make a claim under this clause.


  • Door-to-door shipping: Reliable forwarding of groupage shipments across Europe.
  • Tightly connected land transport terminals: Daily line-haul departures keep land transport terminals seamlessly connected.
  • Online tracking and reporting tools: Transparent performance metrics, such as lead-time comparisons and electronic proof of delivery.


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