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Proud to be Logistics

Our contribution to the 'Best Games Ever'

In his speech at the closing ceremony HRH Prince Imran described Glasgow 2014 as “the best games ever’ and ‘Pure Dead Brilliant’ - we are proud to have played our part

What was our role?

To start with we project managed a 100,000 sq. warehouse, which was used primarily by the Organising Committee (OC), who had an obligation to support the various Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs.)

As the Official Logistics Provider we worked alongside the Logistics Functional Area (FA) within Glasgow 2014 to provide warehousing and facilitate and manage the movement of freight into the various venues.

In addition, we also worked with our offices across the globe to assist the various Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) in moving their equipment and belongings to and from Glasgow.

We arranged the logistics for all sorts of items, ranging from scanners, tables and chairs, fixtures, furniture and equipment (FFE) to hurdles, pole vault poles, javelins and kit.

We also managed all local commercial transport wherever that may be, in or out of venues and the athletes’ village and to and from the airport. In addition we provided services for the Host Broadcasters (Sunset+Vine) who produced Channel 4’s award winning 2012 Paralympic Games output.

Sport is all about numbers; here are some of ours from the Games:

7,530 beds were delivered to the athletes’ village
21,000 bags were checked-in and -out of the athletes village
15,226 the number of man-hours worked by our Operations team
18,244 pallets were delivered
1,042 deliveries
100.000 sq.ft warehouse for Organising Committee
40,000 sq.ft warehouse consolidation centre

13 of the 71 nations used our services, including high profile teams such as England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Jamaica.
"You should be proud of all that has been achieved, proud to be part of the greatest Commonwealth Games ever and proud to be Logistics. Thank you and well done." said: Jose Dhooma, General Manager, Logistics. Glasgow 2014 Ltd.

Last modified: 20.01.2015

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