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Be sure. Insure

Taking the complexity out of insurance and the risk of shipping

DB Schenker has a very strong focus on avoiding accidents to ensure the safe movement of your goods. However, in events which are out of the control of either party, goods may be damaged or not arrive. Due to liability limitations, settlements may be restricted and therefore your company may not be fully compensated for the loss. In order to prevent these circumstances we have teamed up with a company of marine insurance experts to offer you fully safeguarded transport.

We offer a complete door to door insurance solution

Open Cargo Insurance - An all risk cargo policy which provides the broadest cover for insuring your shipments.

Competitive rates - A tailored premium is calculated for each consignment.

Special requirements - Specific pricing for cargo that is subject to distinct conditions or limitation.

For further information ask your operator when making your booking.

Last modified: 17.06.2015

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