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Logistics services in the fast lane

Customised logistics solutions for the automotive industry

The complex structures of the automotive industry impose huge challenges on logistics services. With our global expertise, we can offer you customised transportation and logistics solutions that meet all your requirements.

  • Air - Stock or VOR
  • Land – Production or Aftermarket
  • Sea – Components and finished vehicles
  • Rail – Components and finished vehicles
  • Contract Logistics

We understand that the Automotive industry is characterised by a large number of product variants and fluctuating production volumes. Due to this we have developed many solutions to fit the different elements of the supply chain.

Our services offer solutions for:

  • Production Parts
  • Aftermarket
  • SKD (semi-knock down) and CKD (complete knock down)
  • Finish vehicle movements
  • LLP/4PL solutions
  • Contract Logistics/Warehousing

We move the automotive industry:

  • DB Schenker is involved with contract logistics solutions in the production of 6,000,000 vehicles per year and utilises 1,700,000m3 of warehousing space on behalf of the automotive industry.
  • DB Schenker run 250 trains a day throughout Europe via its network, the “Automotive Railnet” connecting 20 countries via 18 hubs. In the financial year of 2011 around 3,000,000 finished vehicles and 10.5 million tons of vehicle components were transported by rail. This was achieved by utilising over 600,000 wagons.
  • DB Schenker offers automotive land transport solutions with more than 100,000 truck movements per year.
  • DB Schenker moves daily up to 3,333 finished vehicles by sea transport.

We work closely with almost all of the world's automotive manufacturers and suppliers. They all benefit from customised solutions that meet their exact requirements and are continuously being improved. Different modes of transport and contract logistics services are combined to form the ideal logistics package for every supply chain. We also support you with consulting services and 3PL/4PL concepts.

Last modified: 07.02.2017

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