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Finance: Useful Information

Part-transition of UK Finance activities into Deutsche Bahn's new global Shared Service Centre structure for Accounting

As of 15th of April 2015 parts of our finance work and processes will be performed by a European Shared Service Centre for Accounting based in Bucharest, Romania.

All our valued customers and suppliers will receive correspondence beginning of April 2015 with more detailed information. Should you not have received this letter, please contact:

Customers: AccountsReceivable.UK@dbschenker.com
Suppliers: AccountsPayable.UK@dbschenker.com

Our invoicing to our valued customers remains unchanged and will continue to be performed locally - the same goes for invoices from our suppliers. These should continue to be issued to Schenker Ltd. and emailed to us in the UK. Financial decision making remains with the team in the UK.

The Shared Service Centre will take over specific Accounts Receivable and Payable functions (e.g. cash allocations, customer dunning, credit control for certain customers, payment runs etc.) in addition to performing postings in our Financial System.

We are highly focussed on making this transition as seamless as possible. However, we appreciate your understanding should there be any matters which do occur during the switch over period. Please let us know - we are here to listen.

The centre, under the management of Deutsche Bahn, has the objective of improving the quality and delivery of certain financial services across the Group, by standardising processes and procedures, by harmonising IT tools and systems, creating a platform of accounting excellence to build and grow.

The provisions outlined in the distributed correspondence regarding the part-transition of processes to the Shared Service Centre are in addition to current contract terms and do not replace or cancel existing ones with customers, suppliers and other 3rd parties. The new organisational processes for Finance will not affect our operational activity in any way and will not under any circumstances affect our contracted partnerships with customers, suppliers and other 3rd parties.

Should you require further information then please contact us on any of the above email addresses.

Last modified: 16.03.2017

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