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Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team

Meet the Senior Management Team at Schenker Limited

Enlarge imageRay Hennessy, DB Schenker

Ray Hennessy

Enlarge imagePetra Kuester, DB Schenker

Petra Kuester


Enlarge imageJulie Heard , DB Schenker

Julie Heard

Sales Director

Enlarge imageKimberley York, DB Schenker

Kimberley York
Head of HR

Enlarge imageRoger Anderson, DB Schenker

Roger Anderson

IT Director

Enlarge imageSimon Bruce, DB Schenker

Simon Bruce

Contract Logistics Director
Enlarge imageDoug Coull, DB Schenker

Doug Coull

Air Director

Enlarge imageAdrian Jennings, DB Schenker

Adrian Jennings

Ocean Director

Enlarge imageNeil O'Brien, DB Schenker

Neil O’Brien

Director, Branch Services

Enlarge imageMike Halton, DB Schenker

Mike Halton

Director, Business Transformation &
Special Projects

Janet Turpin
Interim HR Director


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