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How to complete online tests

Prove your knowledge online!

For some positions during the recruitment process may include being asked to complete an online test. The online test gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your logical and analytical abilities. Our hints will help you prepare optimally.

After you have successfully submitted your application, the online test is a possible next step. There are various different tests that you may be asked to complete but in summary they are designed to help us gain a better insight into your skills and your personality. The tasks presented in the online test can consist of general knowledge questions, mathematics and cognitive and language questions. We will send you a link with your login data for the online test which will enable you to take the test in the comfort of your own home, thus saving time and effort. To help you on your way we have made a list of useful information which will help you pass this stage with flying colours:

  • Leave yourself enough time and find yourself a quiet space which will enable you to concentrate for the entire duration of the test. Try to ensure that you will not be interrupted at any stage. Check that your PC has a reliable internet connection and has enough battery to see you through the duration of the test.
  • Find the right balance between speed and precision. Your final score is calculated based on two main criteria: speed and precision. The priority is to find a balance between the two.

Solve the tasks on your own. The online test gives you the opportunity to prove your skills once again. In order for us to assess your skills accurately we recommend that you solve all tasks on your own.

Last modified: 21.04.2015

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